The Friday Podcast #55

[audio:] 00:02 LCD Soundsystem All My Friends 07:39 Valentinos Kafka! (Bag Raiders remix) 12:36 Robyn Cobrastyle 16:40 Mittens Douglas 19:31 Simple Kid Self-Help Book 23:03 Field Music Sit Tight 25:56 The Boats Wasn’t Changing Your Mind an Option? 30:36 Sol Seppy Human

The Friday Podcast #54

[audio:] 00:02 Loveninjas I Wanna be Like Johnny C 03:45 To My Boy The Grid 06:37 Supersystem Miracle (Remixed by The Rapture and HushHush) 11:57 Iqtu Candor Faction 14:28 To Rococo Rot Autonachmittag 19:18 Rinneradio Mel 22:49 Antenne Black Eyed Dog 28:34 Benny Sings No More Drinks

The Friday Podcast #53

[audio:] 00:05 Ooioo Umo 03:32 Sally Shapiro I Know 09:41 Pawa Up First Big Freeze 14:29 The Rum Diary Back in the Hardcore Days 19:09 Doleful Lions Stand in the Colosseum 23:32 Midnight Movies Patient Eye 27:00 The Poems So Soon 30:36 Lullatone Pajama Party Pop

The Friday Podcast #52 – No Music Day Special

[audio:] 00:11 Prototypes Je Ne Te Connais Pas 03:07 K-The-I Go-Go Girls 06:28 William Penn Fyve Swami 09:18 Amral’s Trinidad Cavaliers 90% of Me is You 12:47 Mighty Fairly Last Stand Started 16:39 Once We Were Carnival 20:48 Samamidon Falsehearted Chicken 25:45 Port O’Brien I Woke Up Today Tracks taken from, in order of play; …

The Friday Podcast #51

[audio:] 00:08 Clammbon I’m Not A Know It All 05:58 Art Brut Nag Nag Nag Nag 08:51 Deerhoof Believe E.S.P. 11:56 Saroos Everyone Was There 15:56 Post Industrial Boys Take a Walk on the Wild Side 19:52 Mochipet Kickass Pencil Box 24:52 Xela Savage Ritual 28:51 Bloc Party SXRT

The Friday Podcast #50 – Birthday Special

[audio:] 00:12 Ammoncontact A Zillion Tambourines 04:27 All Saints Rock Steady (MSTRKRFT edition) 09:30 Blitz and the Sheets Hot Balls on Fire (remix) 12:41 Lexx Sirocco 18:27 Guided by Voices Big School 20:49 New Years Day Ready Aim Misfire 24:01 Zoran Simjanovic Sjecas li se Dolly Bell? 26:43 Henning Daddy’s Gone We’re one year old! …

The Friday Podcast #49

[audio:] 00:03 Populous Breathes the Best 02:03 Rock Plaza Central My Children, Be Joyful 07:45 Pink Nasty Don’t Ever Change 11:06 Sufjan Stevens That Was the Worst Christmas Ever 14:17 Plus/Minus Fadeout 19:20 Patrick Wolf Accident and Emergency 22:34 Brooke Hogan About Us 25:50 Aereogramme Nightmares

The Friday Podcast #48

[audio:] 00:01 Herman D√ľne Your Name/My Game 03:53 Schwervon! Sonic Daughter 06:24 Jack and Jeffrey Lewis Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror 12:06 Pavement Fight This Generation 20:13 Hello, Blue Roses Hello, Blue Roses 22:39 Chamellows I’m Walking 25:31 The Battle Royale Oh Martha 29:31 Professor Murder Champion