The Friday Podcast #69 – Oink Special


00:09 Arcade Fire Poupee de Cire Poupee de Son Click to buy!
03:07 YACHT Copy on Me (Fuck the Law remix) Click to buy!
05:47 Wolf Parade Dinner Bells (Original) Out of print :(
12:10 You Say Party! We Say Die! Giant Hands Click to buy!
15:30 Artisan I Hold my Breath Click to buy!
18:32 Doctor Rockit Café de Flore Click to buy!
26:47 Elephant Parade Riding in your Car Click to buy!

This podcast is dedicated to all the people who helped make Oink what it was. For the latest, official word regarding Oink’s situation please go here. For what to use instead of Oink, go here.

5 replies on “The Friday Podcast #69 – Oink Special”

  1. It all started with Napster. But the service that really revolutionized my musical taste (like Oink did to you) was Audio Galaxy, which forever will have a warm place in my heart. Later there was Soulseek (which still is), and over the last few months Oink. It’s a sad thing to see such a community crumble.

    I wonder when the music industry realize that they can’t fight such a thing. Oink was a community of music addicts with a ratio system, it’s not the place for the last Britney album. The people there are the best and most loyal customers.

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  2. Nice write up Rin,

    Just thought i’d pop over for a butchers and say hi. Hope all is well down in the big Smog?!?

    I remember the day we had a chat about Dr Rockit. It was exactly what i wanted to hear. I could talk about that record for an eternity. Still is, without doubt, one of my favourite records.

    Anywy, hope you are tickety boo…

  3. Sorry Marky, your comment was marked as spam for some reason and it didn’t send me a notification. Which means I totally missed seeing Yacht. I had no idea he was playing. Did you end up going?

    And Mark, London is sweet. When are you coming to visit? Isn’t it monsoon season in Sri Lanka soon? Good luck with that.

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